Exempla means a moralizing or illustrative story. Inspired by a three-year old's drawings found in a recycling bin, the works in this series use child-like figures to examine, in a humorous way, the experience of being human. These creatures, with their huge, exaggerated faces and skeletal legs, are caricatures of the endlessly cycling everyman. Visually, the creatures are presented as shadows, illuminated only by the lights that are cast upon them. They cover all available surfaces, reacting to our intrusions into their small worlds.

The pieces have been shown in solo shows at the Denver Art Museum, Denver, CO; the RISD Museum, Providence, RI; the Tufts University Art Gallery, Somerville, MA; and the McColl Center for Visual Arts, Charlotte, NC; as well as with Ronald Feldman Fine Arts in Miami, FL during Art Basel.

Installation Shots